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Our flight from Prague to New York had a stop-over in Copenhagen for about 7 hours. Because it was such a long stop and Denmark is within the Schengen area (so we didn’t need a visa) we decided to visit the city for a few hours. The weather was grey and cold but fortunately it didn’t rain. We got a train into the city, and everything we wanted to visit was accessible on foot.


We walked through Amalienborg, a square featuring four identical classical mansions which make up the royal residences, and saw the changing of the guard. From there we took the short walk down to the Marble Church (Marmorkirken) or officially known as Frederikskirken. It is free to visit but you must remain silent inside and you’re not allowed to take photos. Interestingly, the architect Nicolai Eigtved never saw it built – he died nearly fifty years before it even started construction, and nearly 150 years before it was inaugurated. 


We also made a point of going to see the Little Mermaid statue, which was erected in 1913 to commemorate the Little Mermaid play. People often say it’s a bit underwhelming, but she was pretty much what I expected – a statue of a small mermaid on a pile of rocks at the water’s edge. The walk to the statue also took us past St Alban’s church and the Gefion fountain. St Alban’s was completed in 1887 and its construction was driven by Princess Alexandra who became the Queen of England, as a place of worship for Copenhagen’s english population. The fountain was donated in 1908 by Carlsberg to celebrate the brewery’s 50th anniversary.




We finished our brief time in Copenhagen with a visit to a dessert shop by the main canal in the colourful Christianshavn where we got waffles. Then it was back out to the airport (and I’d like to point out Copenhagen has virtually the easiest international airport to get through) where we farewelled Europe for the forseeable future.




4 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. You sure made good time of your layover!
    Can you explain why this is a very easy airport? We will be traveling there in the summer and I am right now in the process of doing research and I like the sound of “easy airport”.

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