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The Greek Islands: Paros

The day before we left Santorini we went and bought ferry tickets to our next destination: Paros. There was the option of a slow or fast ferry – the fast one was nearly twice the price but the slow one only went in the afternoon, and I wanted to get there as early as possible, so we took the fast ferry which left before lunch.

I was surprised to find we had seat allocations, which was a bit of a bummer because our seats weren’t by a window. We also weren’t allowed onto the upper deck because that was only business class. We weren’t even allowed onto the balcony while the ferry was at sea – only in port! But the seats were comfortable and the trip wasn’t long.

The ferry arrives at Parikia on Paros, so from there we had to get a bus to Naoussa, the village where we were staying. There was a ticket machine by the bus stop at the port, with a map and time table in the window of the ticket office, so that simplified the process of getting the bus.

Naoussa is at the northern end of the island and was much quieter than Parikia, although judging by the number of restaurants etc. it still gets pretty busy in the high season. It’s still a working fishing village though, which is evident by the number of sea food restaurants, many of which line the marina.


We got lunch in a tiny little cafe, if you can even call it that, in a little back street behind the marina. We had doner kebabs in pita bread filled with meat, salad, tzatziki and chips for less than €3 each, which were very good. The only seating was a few tables on the foot path outside where we found that Paros is also filled with stray cats, like Santorini! However, also like Santorini, they appear very well cared for.


Our hotel was located on the approach into the village and over looked one of the local beaches. In fact, our balcony had a perfect view of the beach and the temperature was such that we could sleep with the doors open to the sound of the ocean. On our first afternoon we spent a few hours down at this beach, taking a short swim (the water was a little cool so we didn’t stay in for too long), then lazing around in the sun before it disappeared behind the hill and we lost the sunlight.

The hotel also had an infinity pool overlooking the sea – admittedly, one of the main reasons I picked it! I chose Paros as an opportunity to relax and not ‘do’ too much, so we spent much of our one full day on Paros by the pool. I found the water a bit cool (despite being advertised as heated) so I didn’t spend a lot of time in it, but Andre did.


The breakfast buffet was served in the restaurant which had a terrace right by the pool and a view over the beach. It was one of the best hotel breakfasts I’ve ever had – pastries, fruit, yogurt, toast, cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled vegetables, baked bacon & egg cups, even sweets like cake.

We spent most of our time in Naoussa chilling by the pool and wandering around the village, which was really all I’d planned for it. We were surprised to find a lot of eucalyptus trees on the main street too.


It gave us a chance to just relax, catch our breath and catch up on some sleep! On our last evening we went and booked our ferry for the next day, on to Athens. Fortunately the travel agency was not far from our hotel and we were able to get a slow (therefore cheaper!) ferry.


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