Looking forward to Australia

Well, it’s the 28th of July.

This means that in exactly 5 weeks from tomorrow, we will be leaving the UK.

It’s a little bit terrifying and still strangely surreal.

There’s still SO. MUCH. to organise. Use up our remaining theatre vouchers. Arranging shipping for the stuff we’re sending home. Cleaning. Getting rid of everything we’re not taking back. Making sure we have somewhere to stay the last week and a half after we have to move out and before we go. Arranging our travel plans. Apply for tax and NI refunds. Fortunately I finish work on Friday and will have all of August to sort everything out.


However, it has made me begin to think about what I am looking forward to about going back to northern Australia.

Hearing kookaburras, magpies, curlews and koels.

Tropical rainstorms.

Frogs in the drain pipes when there’s rain coming.

The beach.


That cool breeze that breaks through the heavy, still air, right when the dark rain clouds are just threatening to unleash torrents of rain.

A summer Christmas.

Sensible daylight hours, all year. None of this still-light-at-ten or dark-by-3:30 nonsense.

Tim Tams, Cherry Ripes, Smiths crinkle-cut chips and BBQ shapes.


Being able to buy Christmas and birthday presents for my family without having to take into consideration the weight and how much it will cost to send it around the world.

Outdoor barbeques. Preferably by the beach.

My family. Especially my dad and grandparents who I don’t get to speak to much while we’re in London. (Not that I don’t miss the rest of you!)


There will be a list coming about what I’ll miss, too. But for now, I’ll look forward to Australia.


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