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Our B&B (Groarty House Manor) was just outside Derry/Londonderry, up in the hills with a view over the city from our bedroom. It was a great place to stay – ten minutes’ drive from the city, but quiet enough that you felt like you were in the countryside, with comfortable rooms and a cooked breakfast.

We spent our morning in Derry/Londonderry walking around the city walls. This was a pretty good replacement for a walking tour – it had information boards the whole way around, talking about that section of the wall and the historical events that took place on or around it. It’s not very long – we were back at our starting point around morning tea time.


Part way around the wall we stopped to visit St Columb’s cathedral, where canons were stationed in defence of the city during the siege of Derry. Inside the church is a miniature museum about the siege, as well as a DVD presentation about the history of the city.


We also visited the Tower Museum which gave a lot of history encompassing the Siege of Derry, which helped with identifying why the city is such a point of division even among a relatively divided country. Derry/Londonderry struck us as a city keen to move beyond its violent history though, despite still distinctly marking their political territories.



We also took a quick look through the Guildhall (not a lot to see aside from a small exhibition on the history of the city) before it closed.


And in the evening on our way to dinner, stopped to photograph some of the murals around the entrance to ‘Free Derry’.




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