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Our last day in Dundee & more adventures in London

On our last day in Dundee (Monday) we decided to visit their museum. This turned out to be a good idea because it got pretty rainy and windy outside for a lot of the day. The museum is mostly about Dundee history and has an art gallery section. We had lunch in their cafe which was a bit of a rip off and when the weather cleared up walked back to Christine’s flat before getting ready to catch the train back to London.

About two weeks later we spent one Saturday visiting Hampton Court Palace. We are members of the Historical Palaces society which means we get free entry to the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Palace, Kensington Palace and the Banqueting House for a year. Hampton Court Palace is in far south-west London which took us over an hour to get to.

I expected it to be busier, but I suppose because it is not a key tourist attraction nor as central as the Tower of London, it is nowhere near as busy. There are no guided tours but you can get an audio guide. I think I expected more displays too – most of the attraction are just the rooms and decor. We just looked around ourselves but will have to go back another time when it isn’t as cold to explore the gardens and maze more. We both liked the kitchens which had one of the fires running at about 1/4 of the size it would have run when the kitchen was operational.

In an interesting turn of events, after leaving a review about the bar we ate at in Dundee on Facebook & Trip Advisor, I had the manager contact me (via the Trip Advisor review) who apologised for our experience and asked me to contact me directly to discuss the issue further. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered but because we’d had an otherwise good experience there I decided to send him an email.

As it turned out, the manager was very apologetic. He explained the over-charges were due to the fact the promotion discount had not been properly programmed into their tills, which he acknowledged didn’t excuse the staff from double-checking the bill was correct. It also turned out the waiter who’d made the comment about us on our order had tried to contact Andre directly on Facebook to apologise (he was able to do this as Andre had left a review on Facebook), however private messages from non-friends on Facebook go to the ‘Other’ inbox rather than the primary inbox so Andre hadn’t seen it. He explained that his comment was a poor in-joke with the kitchen staff and offered to pay for our meals if we return next time we are in Dundee. The manager also offered to completely refund our two meals. I appreciated the offer but we’ve probably thrown the receipts out by now. We were both pretty impressed with the apologies though and attempts to make amends. When we go back to Dundee perhaps we will give Braes another shot!


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