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A Weekend in Dundee – Part 2

On our second day in Dundee we spent most of the day at the RRS Discovery museum. The RRS Discovery was an Antarctic research ship which was built in Dundee. It was the first ever purpose-built Antarctic research ship, and was built in Dundee due to Dundee’s expertise in building whaling ships suitable for navigating icy waters. Its first National Antarctic Expedition was also Ernest Shackleton’s first Antarctic voyage. It is now permanently dry-docked in Dundee as its main visitor attraction.

IMG_8795Where the crew slept and ate

IMG_8798Where the officers ate

IMG_8800The captain’s room

IMG_8816Andre on deck

IMG_8817The ship (notice the pen of ‘sheep’ ready to go on board)

IMG_8825Christine playing with a puppet theatre in the museum


After visiting the Discovery we caught a bus a bit further out of town to a larger supermarket to do more shopping for Christine. Once we got back Christine had an introduction evening so Andre and I went back to the same pub as the night before for dinner. There was a small mix-up with our order (instead of cheese on the burger and bacon on the hotdog, there was bacon on the burger and no additions on the hotdog) but it was fixed promptly and we had no complaints. However when Andre went to pay for the meal he noticed a note on our order on the cash register monitor which said ‘please ignore stupid ozzys’. Apparently the fact the waiter or chef mixed up our order makes us stupid, because nothing else happened the entire night which could have prompted a comment like that. We also realised they did not charge us for our 2 for 1 meal and charged us for both, so Andre had to go back to the counter to get a refund. We realised in hindsight that they did not charge us correctly for the 2 for 1 meal from the night before either. Lesson learnt: don’t go to Braes near the University of Dundee!

Christine sent us a message once her event was over, and we walked back to her building to pick her up before heading back to our hotel room to watch the second episode of Sherlock. This was my favourite episode of the new series, mostly because it was the least lacking of the three.

Edit: After seeing our reviews on Trip Advisor, the manager got in contact with us. He apologised sincerely, explaining the waiter’s note to the kitchen staff was an in-joke (which he admitted was tasteless) and that the waiter had attempted to contact us personally over Facebook to apologise (we found his note later in Andre’s ‘other’ inbox – he found Andre on Facebook through a review Andre had left on the business’s Facebook page). The manager explained the waiter had been disciplined and the waiter offered to pay for our next meal at Braes. The manager also offered to refund our meals which had been charged incorrectly the night prior. We appreciated the gesture, but as we’d long thrown out the receipts we weren’t able to take up his offer.


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