Life in London

Christine’s Visit – Part 7

Christine’s last day in London had reasonable weather, how typical that the day we wanted to go to the museum and couldn’t had miserable weather and the day which was our last chance to go to the museum had pleasant weather! Andre sent Christine and I off for the British Museum by ourselves and he’d come later, so we got a bus up to Camden  and had to walk a street or two to get to the museum. This was fun though because we had to walk the length of Drury Lane! This meant we had the Muffin Man song stuck in our heads the rest of the day, and Christine got a photo of the Drury Lane sign. Unfortunately we did not see any muffin shops on Drury Lane, or even any bakeries. We reminded ourselves that the song talks about a muffin man who lives on Drury Lane, not who has his shop there, so maybe the muffin man does still exist.

Andre and I bought a museum guide when we visited last year, and brought it back with us when we moved from Australia. The guide has several self-guided museum tours outlined in it, so Christine and I followed the first one suggested for people who’ve not visited the museum before. This took us through parts of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Etruscans.


Cleopatra. Not the famous one.


Roman helmets


The rosetta stone


Busts of Julius and Claudius

Once Andre turned up we had lunch and went on another tour in the guidebook, this time through ‘Britain and Europe from past to present’. This meant things like stone age tools, remains of Roman inhabitation in Britain, the Lindow man (a celtic man whose body was preserved in a bog), celtic weapons, medieval armour and tableware and Byzantine icons. The tour also took us through the impressive old King’s Library which now houses many gadgets and tools from the Enlightenment era (Christine enjoyed those) and a room which tracked the development of the clock (which Christine and Andre also especially liked).


The king’s library


Celtic shields


This is a clock!



We didn’t stay out late because we had to pack to leave for Dundee the next morning. Because Christine’s suitcase was useless, she used one of ours and we’ll just throw hers out – haven’t done that yet, it’s still sitting in the corner!


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