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Christine’s Visit – Part 2

Christine’s second day in London was a Saturday and we decided to go to the Tower of London. We had a sleep-in thanks to the early start we’d all had the previous day and got to the Tower at about 11. Andre and I bought a membership so we get free entry to all the historic palaces for a year!

Andre and I have been to the Tower before and there wasn’t a lot new, although we were allowed into the Chapel which we weren’t last time due to a private function, and they had rearranged some of the displays in the White Tower. They also had actors in the White Tower playing music and acting out interactive plays with dancing which was fun to watch, and Christine joined in with the dancing! We took a picnic lunch which we could eat outside thanks to the excellent weather, and watched one of the resident ravens empty out a nearby rubbish bin.


Christine in front of the White Tower


Christine participating in the dancing


Christine on one section of the castle wall.

Because it was school holidays there was a looooong queue to get in to see the Crown Jewels. Andre held our place in line while Christine and I went and saw a few other things. As it was winter the Tower closed an hour earlier than normal so we didn’t get to see everything, but it was still a good day.


We go to the JD Wetherspoon pubs a lot because they have good food for pretty cheap, and there is one right by the Tower of London so we decided to take Christine there for an early dinner.

Then afterwards, because we still had the whole evening in front of us, we headed further north to do some more sight-seeing. We started at Trafalgar Square before walking down to Leicester Square which had a fair going on, then wandered down to Piccadilly Circus. While in Piccadilly we visited Fortnum & Masons, a 300+ year old, very swish, department store. We finished by going to see Leadenhall Market, one of the Leaky Cauldron film locations in Harry Potter, then Tower 42 where the bank in the ‘Blind Banker’ episode of Sherlock was filmed.


Fortnum and Masons




Piccadilly Circus


Leadenhall Market


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