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Christine’s Visit – Part 3

Day 3 of Christine’s visit was Sunday. As the weather was so good we decided to use vouchers Mum and Dad gave us for Christmas to go on a cruise up the Thames. We caught the bus to Greenwich and redeemed our vouchers for tickets, then because we had 15 minutes or so before the boat left, we went for a quick wander through the Old Naval College grounds. We found the Painted Hall which I have been keen to look at, although only spent about 2 minutes in there before we had to head back for our boat.



Our boat took us from Greenwich down to Westminster Pier. There were one or two stops in between but we decided not to get off. We had an all-day hop-on-hop-off pass, but because it was a very slow boat and we didn’t have all day (had to be back in time for church at 4), we decided to do the whole length at once.





Upon disembarking at Westminster Pier, we walked along the embankment for a while before turning north to head towards Australia House, where the interior of Gringotts was filmed in the first Harry Potter movie. You can’t go into the hall where they filmed unless you have an appointment for embassy business, but I walked past before and could see through the front glass doors to catch a glimpse of the familiar wrought iron gate and chandeliers inside. Unfortunately, because it was closed on Sunday, there were multiple interior doors that were also closed behind the front glass door, meaning we couldn’t see in. The outside of the building is pretty cool though.


After that we headed up to Covent Garden to have a look through the markets and have lunch. The place we chose for lunch was a little on the expensive side so Christine and I just got the pumpkin soup as it was cheap and we thought you can’t go wrong with pumpkin soup and bread and butter. Turns out you can. The soup was watery and luke-warm and lacking flavour, and the bread had olives in it. Ew. Won’t go back there again. We watched two groups of buskers while we were there, a jazzed-up, modern string quartet and two opera singers. We didn’t have a lot of time though so soon enough were back on the train for church. Christine was able to meet a lot of our friends, and after church we went to the pub as usual, with the lovely Ruth giving the three of us a lift. Christine had her second ever mulled cider (the first being the one I made for our Christmas meal) and we sat around and chatted with Jash, Ruth, Guy and Helen for a while before going home and having pizza for tea.


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