Life in London


So, we finally have internet at home! Hooray! For the past couple of weeks I have been working with an investment company in the city collating their end of year staff reviews. Each staff member gets reviewed by several of their colleagues and supervisors and it all gets collated to go to their executives for review, and goes back to the staff member as feedback. Today was actually my last day there. The office is a few streets off Piccadilly which was a nice location. There were two Costa Coffees nearby which was nice to get hot chocolates during lunch sometimes, and a Tesco Metro which had a pasta and salad bar, sandwiches, and hot foot section which was nice for cheap lunches on days I didn’t take lunch to work. I also found Vegemite at the Tesco  Metro! I was amazed! It wasn’t even very expensive.

Andre has a few weeks left at his job and finishes the week before Christmas. We are looking forward to having a few days off before Christmas together and are thinking about going away somewhere here in the UK.

We are quickly settling into Grace Church Brockley (GCB) and making friends there. We are part of a fellowship group (homegroup/bible study group) which  meets weekly and go to the pub with friends after church each  week. As we’ve now hit winter and it’s coming up to Christmas, the pub is now serving mulled cider and mulled wine! So tasty! And warm! I’m trying to find a recipe so I can make it myself at home.

A few weeks ago we went to our friend Helen’s birthday party, and last weekend we went to our friends Judith and Loren’s housewarming party. We’ve also been invited to our fellowship leader’s house for Christmas lunch which should be fun. Last week Andre had two nights at the pub with friends – Thursday night was with the blokes from our fellowship group and Friday night was with the blokes from church, so on Friday night I spent the evening at Helen’s place while our husbands were both at the pub!

We had a nice relaxing weekend and finally bought some speakers for the computer, because we actually had money! Andre still hasn’t been paid by his agency because it took a few weeks for his self limited company to be set up and for Barclays to set up his business bank account. Keep this in mind if ever setting up a self limited company in the UK – banks can be very slow in setting up your business bank account! Be prepared not to get paid for a few weeks, or worse, if your agency is this disorganised! He gave the agency his bank details several weeks ago though and they’ve just been ridiculously slow and weren’t organised enough to pay him in the most recent pay cycle, and my first pay was only very small because I only worked a few hours in my first week, and I only get paid at the end of the week *after* the week I worked. So this meant our money was getting very, very low. We had to transfer more money from Australia but this took a few days as we went through Forex rather than a straight bank transfer (cheaper and better exchange rates). But that finally came through on Friday, woohoo! We could do the groceries and buy speakers so we can listen to Christmas music and movies!

And the after Christmas, Christine arrives! We are super excited to see her and show her around London. We bought a futon a few weeks ago, so she will have somewhere to sleep!

Anyway we should head off to bed now – Andre still has to go to work tomorrow and I am going to start on Christmas baking! I’m thinking of trying a gingerbread house this year 😉


One thought on “Update

  1. We are all having a relaxing time on Morton Island. Your mum and Michelle saw a wobygong shark (about 5ft) & the same plus Christine saw a sting ray plus heaps of fish. They just returned from snorkling around the wrecks at Tangalooma. I kayaked with a dugong this morning. Awesome place this Morton Island considering it is sooo close to Brisbane.

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