Life in London

Not happy, England!

Well, we seem to be settling into our new flat pretty well so far. It is mostly furnished – washing machine and (tiny) fridge in the kitchen; wardrobe, chest of drawers and bed in the bedroom; 2-seater lounge, small table and two chairs in the living room; curtains in every room. We will probably need to buy another few shelves or something for storage, and I’m surprised in such a small flat that the landlord has placed an ensemble bed, meaning there’s no such thing as ‘under the bed’ storage! Our suitcases will just need to live in the corner of the room. Oh and of course we’ll have to get a futon for visitors!

Andre applied for a bunch of jobs over the weekend and started hearing back about them on Monday – all asking for more information or doing impromptu telephone interviews! I’m still finishing my CV and looking through job ads. We’ve been spending a bit of time in a local pub (the New Cross House) using their wifi – they do excellent hot chocolates and I think Andre has tried every ale they have!

England is not in my good books today. On Monday we tried to sign up for two contracts for our phones with Virgin Media. We were told the credit check failed because our address didn’t match the address on our bank account. We changed the address on our bank accounts on Friday and actually did that at the branch. So Monday evening we called Barclays who confirmed the address was right. Went back to Virgin today who this time told us it wasn’t an issue with the bank, but with the credit agency, who can take UP TO A MONTH to update the address after it’s been changed at the bank. And THEN we get told, we’d probably still fail the credit check anyway because we’re too new to the country and will probably need to wait til we’ve been here THREE MONTHS. All this for a £15/month phone contract!

This is on top of finding out we can’t get fibre internet in our area so will need to go with ADSL, and when we sign up for ADSL, being told it can’t be ‘installed’ til late October. Installed? How much ‘installing’ is there to do??

Also on Monday, I put in our first big grocery order with Asda (UK supermarket chain) to be delivered Tuesday afternoon. So we make sure we’re home in time for the delivery slot (4 -6pm), waiting waiting waiting… and it never arrived. So I log onto the website only to find out my order was cancelled, and Asda had never notified me. Apparently the debit card declined! First I thought this was Barclays being over the top with their security. So I re-submit the order, but this time when I’m submitting the order, I’m asked to fill out a Verified by Visa application, which never appeared for me on Monday – it went straight to the page telling me my order was submitted successfully. So thankyou Asda for your fail website and poor communication. Then today I waited for another 2 hours during my delivery slot, and again it didn’t arrive. Checked the website and at least this time it said my order was “on its way”… an hour later that too changes to “cancelled”. I tried calling Asda twice, sat on hold for a while, then gave up and hung up.

Then at about 8 tonight I get a call from Asda apologising that my order wasn’t delivered today – apparently no orders were delivered today due to the system failing and all orders being cancelled. Would explain why it was impossible to get through to anyone on the phone.  So the girl offered to re-submit my order, along with free delivery and a £10 discount. I couldn’t really complain about that, and really preferred to order through Asda because they were MUCH cheaper than Sainsbury’s for things like kitchenware (Sainsbury’s is much more reasonable with their grocery prices). So fingers crossed my order SHOULD be here tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Not happy, England!

  1. Hope it all works out. Have you checked out any churches in the area? Are there any op shops nearby? That might be a good way to pick up things that you won’t need to keep long term.

  2. Aldi’s useless, they don’t deliver! I was amazed. We have too much stuff we need to buy initially to carry it home.

    Yeah mum, there are a few op shops nearby which will be good for clothes (I hope!) but aren’t much good for groceries 😛

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