Leaving on a jetplane

Well, how do you start the first post of your blog when you’re leaving the country for the other side of the world? This is our last day in Australia before we fly out to the UK. The last week and a half has been full of packing, a garage sale, going away party, cleaning and moving out of our flat. Sunday was our last church service in Townsville, where we where presented with souvenir mugs. I was a bit worried for a while that we wouldn’t have space for them in our luggage, but I managed to fit them bubble wrapped in my carry-on bag!

Then last night we flew out from Townsville to Brisbane, and last night was our last night in Australia! Today has been a day of chilling out and relaxing, cancelling internet and phone, and then tonight Heidi and Phil are coming down to visit before we fly out to Malaysia en route to London. We are staying with Uncle Philip, Deb and the kids

Once we get to London our first job will be to visit 1st Contact, the company we have signed up with who will help us get a bank account, national insurance number, and who offer other services for people new to the UK. They were recommended by a friend, so hopefully we will have good reports of them once we’ve dealt with them!

I’m not sure when I will get a chance to update next – I’m guessing it might be in Malaysia, otherwise not until we get into London.


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